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Michael Harris
2 min readJul 1, 2016


Photography is about the stories the photos tell, not the equipment used to capture them.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved buying my first DSLR camera. It opened new possibilities and creativity — new ways to capture light and develop my craft. But for me, the camera is only part of the story, and so much more goes into a good photograph than simply expensive gear.

My view is that a good photographer can take amazing photos on any camera. Conversely, a person using a high-end camera without any knowledge is not gaining an advantage.

Find a camera that you can utilise effectively. Match your equipment to your vision, not the other way around. The camera that is with you in a moment is the best camera. Period.

Taking a better photo comes down to 3 factors more than any other:

  1. Frame your photos well
  2. Use light intentionally
  3. Maximise quality (sharp, clear, and large)

If I had to nominate just one final piece of advice, it would be this: slow down. Slow down so you can experience and be aware of the moment. Slow down to see how the photo is composed (what’s in view, and what’s not). Show down to ensure the photo is sharp, in focus, and the best distance from the subject. Slowing down takes a few seconds longer, but your photos will much the better for it.

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